Raiser Kit for TSCS modular platform Raiser Kit for TSCS modular platform - right view Raiser Kit for TSCS modular platform - left view


Enhancer Kit

Enhancer modular platform kit.

Height adjustable plate 1.05m to 1.30m.

Adjustable on the model 150 and 200

The footboard in low position The footboard in high position

Comfort footboard

The comfort footboard is a product developed by the TSCS Company.

This footboard adapts itself to the height of the TSCS work platform. It is especially adapted to industry works in fixed station.

To the left, the footboard in low position, to the right in high position.

Possibility of having one, two or no handrail.

Telescopic site footboard

Site footboard

The site footboard is telescopic and is stored in the back of the TSCS platform when it is not used, allowing to save space.

Manipulation handle of TSCS platforms

Manipulation handle

The manipulation handle of the TSCS platforms. It makes it easy to handle and transport TSCS rolling work at height platforms. 

The tooling support adapts itself to the TSCS platform

The tooling support

The tooling support is very practical to organize different tools during works. It adapts itself to the TSCS platform.


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