Novelty: 3 enhancer modular platform kit, height adjustable plate 1.05 m to 1.30 m, 1.35 m to 1.60 m and 1.65m to 1.90 m, adjustable on the model 150 and 200.

Modular platform model 150, specially made for small works, less bulky, fits in a small vehicle, same characteristics of height adjustment, length 1.50m.

The modular platform kit was designed and developed in close collaboration with construction and industry professionals.

  • Very light aluminum material
  • Quick assembly by one single person
  • Great comfort of work in complete safety
  • Modular work surface from 1m² to more than 13m² without any limit of extension
  • Height adjustable every 5cm:
    From 0.25 m to 1.90 m, maximum working height of 3.90 m
  • Time saving in productivity up to 30%

This aluminum work platform is addressed to all types of professions (painters, plumbers, electricians, industrial maintenance, construction and so on) evolving on work heights varying from 1.80 m to 3.90 m on flat floor.

Possibility of adapting the equipment towards your needs.

Several different configurations available: See all different configurations
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